1/20 Favourite Triple Dip Beaten at Lingfield by Mercy Me

Lingfield Park Winners Post

Credit: Carine06 Flickr

When the odds get as short as 1/20, you really do have to wonder whether there is any chance at all of the favourite not coming in.

As we have seen from time to time though, even at odds that short, horses can disappoint us.

There have been a fair few short odds losers at 1/20, especially back in the day, such as:

  • Saucebox 1/20 (Airdrie, 1855)
  • Caller Ou 1/20 (Liverpool, 1864)
  • Kilwarin 1/20 (Derby, 1886)
  • Jerry M 1/20 (Newbury, 1909)
  • Bayardo 1/20 (Goodwood, 1910)
  • Glendower 1/20 (Chepstow, 1947)

However, if we look at more recent times, then Triple Dip’s loss in 2015 is definitely worth a mention.

It was a 1m 4f race at Lingfield on the 25th March 2015, and Triple Dip was easily the favourite at 1/20, with the next closest in terms of odds being 16/1.

Triple Dip led the small field of four runners from the off as expected, keeping ahead until just after the halfway point when Sarafina (33/1) started to push for more.

However, it was Mercy Me who had been hiding at the back that was the real threat, managing to push between Sarafina and Triple Dip to create and exploit opening.

Now it was a race between just two horses, and Triple Dip looked to be edging ahead, but a strong burst of energy from Mercy Me put her clear in front by several lengths.

Triple Dip did close the gap as they crossed the finish line, but it was too little too late as the 16/1 2nd favourite took the win.

Poor old Triple Dip only had 2 wins in her short racing career, going out as the favourite four times but only actually winning one of those races.

Her loss at Lingfield made her the only favourite since 1990 to have gone out at odds of 1/20 or less and lost.