Bold Predictions Win £411,959 Scoop6 Dividend on 1st March 2014

Scoop6 Win 1st March 2014 £411,959

On the 1st March 2014, the Scoop6 win pot stood at £411,959 – but a few early disasters wreaked havoc in the betting pool and it’s amazing that anyone managed to get to the final race at all, but they did.

Doeslessthanme was priced at 11/2 and won the first race, leaving 34,179 units still in the bet, but then, in race 2, a horse called TheCornishCowboy with the backing of over 35% of the pool, only managed to come in a measly 4th place.

The winner, Rowan Ridge, took just 13% of the remaining units into race 3, equating to 4,558 units.

This one was the real disaster for punters.

It was a 12 horse race and the joint favourites both turned out abysmal performances, with the spread of betting units across other horses leading to just 134 units making it past the half way stage. The winner was a horse called Night in Milan priced at 14/1.

There was some good fortune for punters in race 4 as the favourite, Shanghai, took first place as expected, although a good number of bettors had backed the second favourite, so there were 41 units remaining after this point.

The winner of race 5 was only the 4th most fancied runner in the field of 9, priced at 7/1, so it’s easy to understand why just 6 units were left in the competition for the final race – although given some of the upsets earlier in the day it’s incredible that this many made it through.

Race number 6 was only an 8 horse race, and only 5 of them were backed in the pool and only 6 of them finished the race. Luckily for one punter though, the horse that won was 14/1 shot Headley’s Bridge.

They won a pretty impressive Scoop6 bet if you zoom out and look at their choices and the odds:

  • 11/2
  • 6/1
  • 14/1
  • 3/1
  • 7/1
  • 14/1

Some risky ones in there, right?

It was the biggest Scoop6 win dividend in 12 months, and rumour has it the bet was placed in a betting shop rather than online.