Drake Bags $1.38 Million When Gervonta Davis Beats Ryan Garcia

Drake Gervonte Davis BetAfter his victory, Drake labelled it ‘Tank day aka pay day’ on his Instagram profile, because he had just become $380,000 richer.

Like all of his other bets, Drizzy had gone for large stakes at short odds, betting a cool $1,000,000 that Gervonta Davis would be victorious in his bout against Ryan Garcia, and although it took the lightweight fighter longer than Drake anticipated to do it, he did indeed win the fight.

It never really looked like going the other way either.

Davis started cautiously, barely threw a punch in round 1 while Garcia came out very aggressively. He carried that into round 2 but got over confident and ran into an overhand left from Davis, knocking him down.

He recovered and made it to the bell, but from round 3 onwards Davis worked away at Garcia until finally, in the 7th, he landed a crippling body shot to the liver.

Garcia was unable to recover his breath by the count of 10, and the bout was over.

Interestingly, Drake’s wasn’t the only big bet that night.

The fighters themselves, Davis and Garcia, had bet that the winner would take the whole purse, so the loser would in effect be betting his share of the fight money on their own win.

In the end though, Davis let this slide and publicly declared so in a post fight interview. What a guy.

Drake Also Loses $45k

Davis vs Garcia Promotional

It was a good night for Drake and no doubt about it, but it wasn’t all plain sailing.

As well as his big bet on the overall outcome, the rapper had also stuck three separate smaller bets on the fight:

  • Davis to win in Round 1 – $15,000
  • Davis to win in Round 2 – $15,000
  • Davis to win in Round 3 – $15,000

Since the fight was stopped in round 7, all three of these bets lost.

That takes $45k off his total earnings for the night, but still leaves him $335,000 in the black, which any sane person would still be delighted with.

They weren’t actually reckless bets either, with odds of 25/1, 21/1 and 17/1 respectively – so all of them would have almost doubled his total payout had they come in, but only dropped it by about 11% when they lost.

As a risk/reward ratio it’s pretty good value; an 11% risk to total winnings for the chance to improve it by 70-102% sounds fairly sensible by Drake’s standards.

He is often much wilder in the way he wagers.

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