Harry Findlay World Record Horse Racing Payout of £1.85 Million

RaceO Betting Website

Despite this bet being a Guinness World Record holding wager, there is surprisingly little information about it online other than the bare minimum.

What I can tell you, is that the bet was made up of two different wagers on 8-fold accas, which were part of a competition called the Jackpot O.

Harry Findlay is well known for betting big, and back in 2007 when this bet was placed, his favourite thing to do was bet large stakes at short odds.

I don’t know which horses he backed for this bet, but he staked £61,000 on the first bet and £82,000 on the second, for a grand total of £143,000 down, and won £1.85 million when the bets came in – two days in a row.

Some simple maths deduces combined odds of around 12/1 here, which, for an 8-fold acca is tiny, so there must have been a lot of very short priced horses on his betting slips that day.

Although the bet is credited to Findlay, in truth, the money for the wager came from himself and two friends, so it might be described as a very small syndicate with Harry at the head of it.

If you look on the Guinness World Records website though, it is Harry’s name you will see.

The bookie he placed the bet with, a short lived site called RaceO, closed down less than a year later. I’m not saying it was Harry’s huge win that caused this, but it’s quite a coincidence.

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