Huge £533,218.70 Scoop6 Dividend Won on 29th September 2018

Scoop6 Win September 2018 £533,218.70 Dividend

When a Scoop6 prize pot has been building for a while without being won, week number ten seems to be the charm, and it was no different on the 29th of September 2018 when the pot stood at £533,218.70.

Despite this, the number of people taking part was comparatively low at 156,957, but it was even lower after the first race, when 8/1 shot Mohawk eliminated 93% of all bets.

A horse that I can’t pronounce the name of, Alemaratalyoum, won race two, but as the 2nd favourite, was fairly heavily backed, but still managed to reduce the 10,987 units that entered the race to 1,377 – around 12.5% of the pool.

At this rate, there would be no remaining units by race 5, so punters needed some looking in race 3. They didn’t get it, as the huge favourite, Pretty Pollyanna, with a whopping 72.19% of the pool backing her, only managed 4th place.

The horse that won, named Fairyland, was backed by just 117 units, so that is all that remained going into race 4 which was the 15:15 at Haydock Park.

The favourite clinched victory here, saving 34 units from disaster.

Race 5 was a really tough one, with 33 runners to choose from and the favourite went and finished in last place, so the market got that one spectacularly wrong.

Luckily for a handful of punters though, they had backed the ultimate winner, an 11/1 shot called Wissahickon.

This left just 4 units remaining for the final race, which had 15 runners taking part, so for anyone to win the Scoop6 was a big ask at this point.

Two of them were backing the favourite, which finished way down in 13th place, one backed a horse called Calder Prince, which ended up in 9th, but the final punter was on the money. They backed Dark Power, priced at 5/1, a horse which wasn’t looking promising until much later in the race.

That entire £533,218.70 prize pot went to the person or persons holding that one remaining ticket.