Scoop6 Dividend Worth £352,900.20 Won 11th September 2021

Scoop6 Win 11th September 2021 £352,900.80

It had been more than 2 months since the Scoop6 had last been won, but despite this, the win pot had only grown to a relatively small £352,900.83.

Still, for the single ticket that won the pot, it probably felt like a pretty good day.

A couple of winning favourites helped get the successful punter over the line, and the first of those came in race one, when heavily backed Hurricane Ivor stormed for the win at Doncaster.

It was a busy race though, with 22 runners, so the 110,107 units in the competition were spread out, and around 16% of them had backed Hurricane Ivor.

Race two saw the 20,566 units that made it through stripped down to just 1,598.

The majority of the remaining pool had backed Alounak or Alignak, with almost 70% of the tickets behind them, so when they failed to win the pool was decimated.

Just 7.77% of the tickets had bet on the eventual winner, Invite, at 5/1.

The winner of race 3, Au Clair De Lune, was the 4th most heavily backed of the 10 runners, but due to the huge dependence on Mr Curiosity, the favourite, only 150 tickets managed to make it past the half way point.

Incredibly though, almost all of them got through race four, which was the prestigious St Leger Stakes at Doncaster. Hurricane Lane did the business as the 8/11 favourite, but the shortest price horse after that was 8/1, so it would have been a huge shock if Hurricane Lane had lost.

That left 123 tickets for race 5, which is pretty good going for the Scoop6, so hopes would have been high for a winner or two, although as always, race 5 had a huge field.

There were 23 runners and only 16 of them had been backed, so it was technically possible for the competition to be wiped out at this point, although given the horses that had been backed it was unlikely.

The horse that won, Ever Present, was the third most heavily backed horse on the field, with over 11% of the tickets, meaning a respectable 14 units were left standing for the final race of the Scoop6.

Race six was another busy field though, with 16 runners presenting a very real possibility of no ticket winning the pot, but luckily for the only punter who backed Masen, the horse nabbed the lead a few furlongs from the finish and managed to hold on to it long enough to claim victory.