Scoop6 Pays Out £750,920 Dividend to Betting Syndicate?

On Saturday the 1st of November 2014, a single winning ticket took the whole £750,920 Scoop6 prize pot – and rumour has it, that a syndicate was behind the bet.

As usual, no one came forward and outed themselves as the winning bettor, but we know the money was won, and the word on the grapevine is that the winner was not a regular bettor. Not that it really matters.

After 4 prize rollovers the total pool had grown to over £1 million, with more than £750k of that going to the Win Fund.

The races in question were all held at Ascot apart from the third leg, which was the 2:00 at Newmarket, and things started well for bettors when the favourite, Tara Road, romped home in the first race.

That left 56,296 units still in the running at the start of race 2, but an unlikely win for The Clock Leary knocked 96.35% of those punters out, leaving just 2,056 units for the third leg.

Race 3 saw another win from an unfancied horse, as Dream Walker came in at 14/1, decimating the remaining pool of punters and leaving just 35 units in the bet. At this point, with 3 races still to run, it looked like another rollover was likely.

Just 6 units made it through the 4th leg, but in race five another favourite took first spot, so only one of those units ended up being knocked out, meaning that 5 units were still active for the final race.

Each unit was backing a different horse in the final leg, so it was always going to be the case that if one of them won it they would win the lot, and luckily for whoever it was who backed What a Warrior, the horse lived up to its’ name.

Here are the winning horses for each leg and the odds they set off at:

  • Tara Road – 11/2F
  • The Clock Leary – 12/1
  • Dream Walker – 14/1
  • Ulck Du Lin – 9/2
  • Sign Of A Victo’ – 15/8
  • What A Warrior – 7/1

What’s more, the anonymous winner wasn’t done.

As always, the winner of the Scoop6 had the opportunity to predict the winner of a pre-selected match the next week in an effort to win the Bonus Fund, which at this point, was worth £263,598.

The race in question was the 3:35 at Doncaster, and they only went at did it.

This meant a total win of £1,014,518, just nudging past the 7 figure mark and making the winner a millionaire – if they weren’t a syndicate of course…