Single Punter Wins £377,818.60 Scoop6 Dividend – 10th November 2018

Scoop6 Win 10th November 2018 £377818.70

After 6 weeks of rollovers, a £377,818.60 Scoop6 win pot was about to be won by a single bettor, sparking a huge amount of interest in the competition after recent dwindling sales.

The identity of the winner was never made public, but they were smart enough to be one of the 3.82% of punters to back Company Asset in race one.

It was the mare’s second to last ever race, not that anyone knew that yet, and with odds of 16/1 no one expected her to win.

This was a huge blow to bettors right at the start, with the original 80,095 units reduced to just 3,056.

Race two set off with Donjuan Triumphant as the 2/1 favourite, and he lived up to his name saving more than 30% of the remaining pool from the chop.

Race 3 was another disaster for the majority of tickets though – just 69 of them backed Warsound, the eventual winner with odds of 11/2. Most had backed the favourite, with a large number also fancying Hell’s Kitchen over Warsound.

So the 69 strong pool limped into race 4, where another win from a favourite saved them from oblivion. Lord Oberon was at 7/2 and backed by 24 of tickets still in the competition, equating to almost 35%.

It’s a bit of a miracle that any units survived race 5 – there were almost as many tickets as there were horses in the race.

However, 9/1 shot Royal Line had attracted the attention of two punters, so when he beat the rest of the 23 strong field, he kept the Scoop6 alive going into the final race.

There were 16 runners in race 6, and the two remaining tickets were split between the joint favourites, both at 5/1. Unluckily for one of them, El Bandit was pulled up, but much more luckily for the other, Present Man performed as expected, won the race, and secured a £377,818.60 for the owner of the final ticket in the Scoop6.