Squirrel Syndicate Wins £424,674: 2nd Scoop6 Win in 3 Weeks

Richard Brocklebank Squirrel Syndicate BookIn another article on this site, I covered the biggest Scoop6 dividend in the history of the competition, won by Richard Brocklebank and his friends, known as The Squirrel Syndicate.

According to Brocklebank, the Scoop6 is the “best value bet in Britain”, and when you learn that this post is also about him, you will appreciate why he is so fond of it.

On the 3rd of November, 2007, Richard won the Scoop6 – just 3 weeks after landing another record breaking win of more than £1.5 million.

This time his payout was rather more modest in comparison, but no one would sniff at an extra £424,674, would they? What’s more, it gained Richard and his syndicate the chance to win the bonus fund they had missed out on after their last big win… and they only went and won it.

The bonus fund was worth £1,137,971 by this point, so it was more than twice as valuable as the win fund, and brought their total win for the week to £1,562,645.

Combined with the Squirrel Syndicate’s win 3 weeks earlier, that amounted to a total win of £3,081,946 in just 3 weeks.

Richard wrote a book about this brief but incredible period of his life, titled, “3 Million In 3 Weeks – The Squirrel Syndicate – A Gambler’s Tale”, which was released in 2022.

Second Scoop6 Plus Bonus Fund

Scoop6 Squirrel Syndicate at the Races

As always, Brocklebank’s team had made a large number of bets to cover what they believed to be every conceivable winning combination that actually stood a chance of coming in, so we don’t know how many bets were made or how much money was staked.

Race 1 set off at Newmarket with Classic Legend winning at 11/2, before a shorter priced runner named Lothian Falcon won race 2 at 9/2.

So far so easy.

It took 7/1 shot Very Wise to usher the syndicate past the 3rd leg though, and they proved very wise to have done so, and equally so for backing the second favourite, Ollie Magern, in leg 4, since the horse won at odds of 11/4.

Despite backing relatively short odds runners, just 202 units were left in the Scoop6 after race 4, and this number was cut down by around 80% when 7/1 shot Paris Belle won the day on heavy ground.

By the time the last leg of the competition was upon them, the syndicate knew they had won, because they had a bet that included every horse in the 10 strong race – the only question, was how many other units would win alongside them.

There were 39 units left in the competition when race six set off, but after Jalmira, came in at 8/1 at Newmarket, there was just one. Theirs.

Unbelievably, the team had won the Scoop6 twice in 3 weeks, claiming the full pot on both occasions, and although they had failed to win the bonus fund after their first Scoop6, it would be different this time around.

The following week they correctly predicted the winner in the selected race, netting the £1,137,971 bonus fund too.