Two Dividends of £444,071.90 Won in Scoop6 Payout – January 14th 2017

Scoop6 Win 14th January £444,072.90

This one somehow flew under the radar, with practically no attention online or in the press, but on the 14th of January 2017, two very lucky punters saw their Scoop6 selections land one after another, for a win of £444,071.90 each.

The pool had grown to £888,143.80 in the eight weeks since it was last won, so no doubt each punter was hoping for the full amount, but no one would sniff at almost half a million quid.

The day began with the 14:25 at Warwick, and 327,930 units in the running, but these were soon whittled down to just 26,113 after the favourite, Barney Dwan unseated their rider, and other heavily fancied runners failed to perform.

It was Tobefair who eventually won the race, priced at 9/1 and with just 7.96% of the pool backing him.

DoesYourDogBite was the favourite in race two, and he took almost 25% of the pool with him when he only managed to finish 6th. A 7/1 shot called Modus ended up taking first place, and with bang on 12% of the pool behind him, only 3,134 units made it to race 3.

Geordie Des Champs was a heavy favourite here, but again failed to do the business, actually finishing last, allowing Willoughby Court to more or less dominate the race.

Things didn’t go any better for punters in race four, when a horse called Our Kaempfer priced at 5/1 came in first. Just 41 units had backed the winner, and they had to make it through race five which is always a tough one, with 20 runners.

So few units remained at this point that only 9 of the 20 horses had units backing them, but luckily, 3 of them were on One For Arthur, a horse that had come 5th in the Grand National that year and was priced at 14/1.

The final race was going to be tricky, because just two horses shared the 3 remaining units from the original pool of over 327k.

Luckily for two of those three punters, the favourite in the race actually came out in front for the first time that day. River Frost eased ahead after the last and took first place, winning those two bettors £444k each.