Two Units Win £214,733.00 Each From Scoop6 Dividend

Chepstow Racecourse

A few weeks before this win, the Scoop6 had grown to over £1.6 million and attracted a huge amount of interest; only to be won by 44 different units, getting a measly £26k each.

So when the pot grew to £429,466 for the January 9th 2016 competition, punters could be forgiven for being wary.

As it happened though, only two bettors made it to the end this time around, both sharing the pot and enjoying a dividend of £214,733 each. Both chose to keep their big wins to themselves, so nothing is known about them, but I can tell you what happened during the races.

The first race of the day was the 1:10 at Cheptstow, in which Awaywiththegreys ran the best race, priced at 10/1, knocking out swathes of units and leaving just 17,375 in the competition.

It was a horse called Mountainous, similarly priced at 9/1 who won race number two, removing a further 90.23% of units and leaving just 1,698 competing for the money.

Things began to turn around at this point though, because from the remaining 4 races on the card, 3 of them were won by the favourite.

Twin Point won race 3 priced at 7/4, the first of the favourites, saving 38.33% of the pool, before Yala Enki, another favourite, did the business in race 4. Interestingly though, Yala Enki was not the most heavily backed gorse in that race, which may explain why only 122 of the 651 units remained afterwards.

Favourite number three was up next, in the form of a horse named Kruzhlinin with odds of 5/2. They won their race, but only 29 units had backed the horse, reducing the already tiny pool a further 76.33%.

The final race was the 3:45 at Kempton Park, and although it wasn’t another win for a favourite, the horse that won, Mr Fitzroy, was still well fancied at 11/2.

In the Scoop6 though, only two units had opted for Mr Fitzroy, meaning the £429,466 pot was split into two dividends of £214,733, which were paid out to the two lucky winners.