Rapper 50 Cent Wins $1 Million Betting on the New York Giants

50 Cent New York Giants Bet

Credit: Roberto Ferlo Flickr

Although 50 Cent isn’t particularly well known as a punter, gambling is something he has always been fond of.

The guy was once worth about $500 million so he can afford it, and even after going bankrupt in 2015, he was worth $40 million again soon after.

The bet I am looking at was made before that though, back in 2012 when he was at his wealthiest. 50 Cent made a $1 million bet that the New York Giants would win Super Bowl 46.

Having won $500k on the Giants winning the NFC Championship a few days before – the game that got them into the Super Bowl in the first place – the famous In Da Club rapper decided he wanted to go again on them winning the big one.

His rationale was pretty simple.

Speaking about the bet he made, he said:

““I won on a bet on the last Giants game. So I said I’ll bet it back. …It would just be risking what I won the first time.”

Essentially then, he was willing to lose $500k on his last bet, and it won. So now he will bet that same $500k plus the winnings – a total of $1 million – on the Super Bowl.

His exact odds aren’t known, but we do know that ‘Fiddy’ walked away with $1 million in winnings, so they will have been around evens.

It’s a huge amount of money to you and me, but for 50 Cent, it probably felt like winning a tenner on Man City winning the FA Cup semi-final and putting it back on them to win the final.

New York Giants Beat New England Patriots

New York Giants Win Super Bowl 2012

It had been a tough game that saw them progress to the Super Bowl, as the New York Giants NFC Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers had gone into overtime in order to find a winner.

Nevertheless, although the New England Patriots were the favourites to win the Super Bowl, it was only by 2.5 points, so this was expected to be another close game.

It was all Giants in the first quarter though, as they opened the scoring with a penalty on Tom Brady 3 minutes in, adding another 7 points with a touchdown from Victor Cruz and a good kick from Lawrence Tynes creating a 9-0 lead.

However, the second quarter things totally flipped around, and the Patriots came back with a touchdown of their own in the dying seconds, following a field goal early on, leaving them 10-9 ahead.

Five minutes into the third New England scored again, widening their lead to 17-9, and the Giants were looking like the game may get away from them, but Lawrence Tynes clawed them back with a couple of field goals, leaving the score 17-15 to New England going into the fourth.

It was a tough 4th quarter with both teams showing resilience, but no one was looking like scoring. Then, with a minute left on the clock, Ahmad Bradshaw scored an 88 yard touchdown that was part luck, part judgement, and the Giants had the lead.

The conversion was no good, but it didn’t matter, because with the score at 21-17 to the New York Giants and only seconds left to play, the New England Patriots could not retaliate.

Fiddy won his bet, giving him overall winnings of $1.5 million from the Giants in a matter of weeks.