Biggest Accumulator Wins

Winning AccaWe’re all partial to an acca from time to time, they are more interesting than a regular bet and come with the chance of a big pay out from a not-so-big stake.

Of course, we hardly ever win our acca bets, they are incredibly hard to call, but for some lucky so and sos it does happen.

The people on this page are the acca heroes, punters who have taken down massive odds bets with huge numbers of legs – and in some cases it must have taken balls of steel not to cash out.

In the table below you’ll find details of the winning acca bets, including their stakes, odds and winnings, as well as what they placed the bet on.

To find out more about any of the bets, such as the story surrounding it and maybe a bit about the winners themselves, just click the payout amount.

Mandatory disclaimer: We shouldn’t really need to say this, but these are long shot bets that were very lucky to come in. For every 100x/1 winner there are many many more people who lost. Always bet responsibly.

Higest Odds Acca Winners

Date Bet Type Market Stake Odds Payout
23/02/2008 8-fold Horse Racing £0.50 2,800,000/1 £1,000,000
22/09/1984 ITV Seven Horse Racing £0.05 1,670,759/1 £86,056
23/05/2001 15-fold Football, Rugby, Cricket £0.30 1,666,667/1 £500,000
20/11/2011 19-fold Football £0.85 683,738/1 £550,000
06/11/2017 12-fold Football £1.00 574,277/1 £574,278
28/05/2022 16-fold Football £0.60 263109/1 £157,866
26/03/2022 18-fold Football Acca £2.00 252,991/1 £505,985
15/02/2015 10-fold Football £1.00 169,923/1 £169,924
18/06/2022 7-fold Horse Racing, Each Way Acca £5.00 122,889/1 £307,464
06/05/2023 14-fold Football £0.14 98,429/1 £13,780
29/06/2021 6-Fold Football, Golf £11.50 90,336/1 £1,039,554
01/02/2022 10-Fold Football £0.03 90,000/1 £2,686
05/05/2018 Pick 5 Horse Racing £13.30 66,666/1 £887,121
15/03/2012 5-fold Horse Racing £50.00 65,000/1 £1,000,000
21/03/2021 5-fold Cheltenham Festival £5.00 50,000/1 £250,000
08/02/2015 14-fold Football £2.00 46,000/1 £92,944
28/04/2017 5-Fold Horse Racing £19.00 43,313/1 £822,973
18/12/2016 20-Fold Football £5.00 41,548/1 £223,146
28/05/2022 15-fold Football £0.42 31,762/1 £13,340
17/10/2015 10-fold Football £5.05 23,053/1 £116,418
18/01/2015 14-fold Football £5.00 15,999/1 £80,000
07/05/2022 6-fold Football £20.00 15,444/1 £308,800
01/04/2023 Lucky 31 Horse Racing £31.00 14,255/1 £441,913
26/10/2022 Lucky 15 and 4-fold Horse Racing £20.00 12,284/1 £75,038
23/05/2021 3 x 22-fold 1 x 23-fold Football £43.00 12,106/1 £520,632
28/09/1996 Heinz + 7-fold Each Way Acca Ascot £62.00 8,883/1 £550,824
01/11/2014 8-fold Football £100.00 6,542/1 £654,204
07/10/2023 13-fold Football £50.00 5,273/1 £264,712
28/09/1996 7-fold each way Horse Racing £217.00 4,147/1 £500,000

Why do Punters Love Accas?

Accumulator Betting Online

Deep down, we think that bettors who place research based accas (as opposed to those who simply make their selections at random or on a hunch) really enjoy the investigative side of the bet.

Doing some digging before placing a bet unearths all kinds of interesting facts and statistics, revealing patterns in performance and perhaps information that you think the bookie might have missed or at least not factored in.

Perhaps in another life these sorts of people would have been detectives or archaeologists, but they enjoy the process of building an acca as much as they like the sound of the payout.

An acca is a very personal thing, because you can tweak it in all sorts of different ways, adding and removing selections to balance out the risk/reward ratio.

Of course, the fact that you can place such small amounts on an accumulator and still win big money is a draw for all acca punters, whether they have done any research or not, and the fact that people actually do succeed sometimes (such as those in the table above) is a great incentive for those of us who haven’t yet enjoyed such good fortune.

Lastly, and this may just be us, but isn’t there something so satisfying about the idea that you could properly beat the bookie? Not just win a bet on the horse that comes first, or who scores first in a game of football, but properly outsmart them with a well built acca?

Why do Bookies Love Accas?

Increasing Bookies Margin

Sadly for us, bookies love accas because people hardly every win them.

You will probably notice that accas and bet builders get pushed quite a lot from online bookmakers, with lots of offers and promotions built around them.

Well anything that gets that sort of attention is giving a great big signal to the punter that the bookie wants you to bet on it. Put simply, bookies want their customers to place accas because they know they make good money on them.

In the same way that your odds accumulate with each new selection in an acca, so does the bookmaker’s margin. Perhaps they have a 3% margin built in to your first selection, a 4% margin built into your second, and a 3% margin built into your third; well they are now making 10% on your bet instead of the 3% or 4% they would have made had you just placed a single.

So an acca is a poor value bet, unless you win, but then that becomes less and less likely the more selections you add. Bookies know that the dazzling odds you can get using accas will be enough for many punters to ignore the poor value, so they are very keen to promote accumulator betting and multiply their margin.