£2 Lucky 15 Wager Bags £188,493 Win For William Hill Customer

However much we study the form and research our selections, we all know that a Lucky 15 is unlikely to pay out to its full potential. Well the opposite was true for one lucky William Hill customer in June of 2024.

After placing his bet in one of Hill’s betting shops in Wakefield, the punter must have watched in disbelief as all four of his selections came in.

Speaking of the selections, they were:

  • Philos – 18/1 – 6.15 at Chelmsford
  • Royal Praise – 100/1 – 6.45 at Chelmsford
  • Candle Of Dubai – 5/1 – 7.15 at Chelmsford
  • Wadacre Gomez – 4/1 – 7.45 at Chelmsford

As you can see, the bet needed a pretty miraculous start, and it got one.

Philo’s win in the 6.15 was unexpected, but when Royal Praise crossed the line in pole position priced at 100/1 it caused a huge shock. Even then, to correctly predict another two races was still a big ask, but the bettor managed it.

The person in question has remained nameless, but the duty manager at William Hill had this to say about him:

“He’s a regular and a really nice bloke. He usually has £1 Lucky 15s but for whatever reason he chose to double his stake.”

That stake was just £2, but at odds of 94247/1 he turned that pocket change into a mammoth £188,493.80.

A spokesman for the wider company said:

“It’s rare to see a 100-1 winner, and it’s even rarer to see it land as part of a mammoth Lucky 15, so this has to go down as one of the best small-stake bets we’ve seen in recent years.”

Whoever the winner is, he will be having the summer of his life after his big win.