What Is a Permutation Bet (Perm)?

Permutation betting, often called ‘perm’ betting, is also known as ‘combination betting’ and is similar to ‘multiples’ and ‘accumulators’ with the idea being that punters can bet a numerous selections on one slip.

Lucky 15 Permutation Bet

The main difference with a perm bet however is that not all selections need to win in order for the player to receive a return. Given that permutation betting involves a number of selections forming one bet, there only needs to be one combination of winners to form a return – often a profit.

Include in Multiples

Betting in multiples is a good way to eek out extra returns, i.e., by betting in doubles, trebles and 4-folds. Betting in these accumulative bets however means you need all of your selections to win, whereas perms add some insurance in to cover losing selections or can increase potential returns by simply adding in more bets.

One way that punters often allow for one or more losers in a multiple bet is by indulging in Full Cover Bets, of which there are many.

While many still use full cover bets with odds-on favourites, it isn’t recommended. You may like a number of horses at higher odds but you know full well that not all of them will win, which is where the full cover bet comes in very handy in helping you mitigate that risk.

Full Cover Bets WITHOUT Singles

This type of full cover bet consists of all the possible multiple winning outcomes of your selections, but with single wins not covered.

Bet Selections No of Bets Bets
Trixie 3 4 1 x treble, 4 x double
Yankee 4 11 1 x 4-fold, 4 x trebles, 6 x doubles
Super Yankee 5 26 1 x 5-fold, 5 x 4-folds, 10 x trebles, 15 x doubles
Heinz 6 57 1 x 6-fold, 6 x 5-folds, 15 x 4-folds, 20 x trebles, 15 x doubles
Super Heinz 7 120 1 x 7-fold, 7 x 6-folds, 21 x 5-folds, 35 x 4-folds, 35 x trebles, 25 x doubles
Goaliath 8 247 1 x 8-fold, 8 x 7-folds, 28 x 6-folds, 56 x 5-folds, 70 x 4-folds, 56 x trebles, 28 x doubles


The Trixie is made up of three selections, covering four bets in total – 1 treble and 4 doubles. In this case, at leats two of your three selections must win to form a winning double. Four bets means four times the stake, so a £5 Trixie becomes a £20 bet in total.


The idea is the same here, though the Yankee is made up of four selections covering 11 bets – 1 x 4-fold accumulator, 4 x trebles and 6 x doubles. Eleven times the stake means a £2 Yankee costs £22 in total.

Super Yankee (Canadian)

The Super Yankee or Canadian Bet involves five selections, this time covering 26 bets in total – 1 x 5-fold, 5 x 4-folds, 10 x trebles and 10 x doubles. A £1 Super Yankee therefore costs £26 and, as above, requires at least two of the selections to be successful to grant a return.


Brilliantly named, “57 Varieties” and all that, the Heinz consists of six selections covering 57 bets – 1 x 6-fold, 6 x 5-folds, 15 x 4-folds, 20 trebles and 15 doubles. This is an expensive bet, with many sticking to something like 10p a line for a total bet of £5.70.

Super Heinz

Like the Heinz, only upped a little to seven selections covering 120 bets – 1 x 7-fold, 7 x 6-folds, 21 x 5-folds, 35 x 4-folds, 35 trebles and 25 doubles.


You guessed it – the Goliath consists of eight selections which cover a huge 247 different bets – 1 x 8-fold, 8 x 7-folds, 28 x 6-folds, 56 x 5-folds, 70 x 4-folds, 56 trebles and 28 doubles. Even going as low as 5p per line here would cost you £12.35.

Full Cover Bets WITH Singles

The fact that at least two winning selections are needed in traditional full cover bets puts some players off. Some do exist containing singles too.

Bet Selections No of Bets Bets
Patent 3 7 1 x treble, 3 x doubles, 3 x singles
Lucky 15 4 15 1 x 4-fold, 4 x trebles, 6 x doubles, 4 x singles
Lucky 31 5 31 1 x 5-fold, 5 x 4-folds, 10 x trebles, 15 x doubles, 5 x singles
Lucky 63 6 63 1 x 6-fold, 6 x 5-folds, 15 x 4-folds, 20 x trebles, 15 x doubles, 6 x singles
Alphabet 6 26 1 x 6-fold, 1 x yankee, 2 x patents


The Patent is like the Trixie, only with three singles included pushing the total bets to 7 – 1 x treble, 3 doubles and 3 singles. This works for those betting on bigger-priced horses, as even if just the one horse wins as long as that return covers the overall stake you don’t lose out.

Lucky 15

The Lucky 15 is based on the Yankee, but with four singles included for 15 bets in total – 1 x 4-fold, 4 trebles, 6 doubles and 4 singles.

Lucky 31

Similar to the Super Yankee, with five singles added for 31 total bets – 1 x 5-fold, 5 x 4-folds, 10 trebles, 10 doubles and 5 singles. Remember that cost too; £16 even just for 50p a line.

Lucky 63

This is the Heinz with six singles added, making a total of 63 bets in total – 1 x 6-fold, 6 x 5-folds, 15 x 4-folds, 20 trebles, 15 doubles and the 6 singles.


The Alphabet also concerns six selections, but is a little more convoluted. The Alphabet is made up of two Patents – selections 1, 2 & 3 being the first Patent and 4, 5 & 6 making up the second – along with a Yankee formed by selections 2, 3, 4 & 5 and finally a 6-fold accumulator on all selections.

The Alphabet, as the name suggests, then comes to 26 bets in total – 7 from each Patent as per above, 11 from the Yankee and one from the 6-fold accumulator.

Permed Bets

Despite full cover bets often being complicated enough for beginners, such bets can also be ‘permed’. A good example of this would be the Permed Trixie.

A Permed Trixie is a bet on four or more selections, essentially multiplying Trixies together to cover every potential combination of Trixie bets that can be formed with those selections.

Using four selections, a Permed Trixie would consist of 4 x Trixies covering all combinations from the three initial selections – 123, 124, 134, 234. With each Trixie consisting of four bets, a Permed Trixie is therefore 16 bets so, as always, remember that overall cost with a permed bet.

Working Out Your Permutation and Full Cover Bets

As we’ve explained above, you can easily work out how much each bet will cost based on the number of individual selections included, so understanding the rules of each bet in advance helps. Simply multiple your desired stake by the number of bets.

However, if you’re betting online then all of this is done for you. As soon as you have enough selections in your bet slip, your options from singles, multiples and full cover bets to perms will be offered to you. Just remember – if you’re going for a Heinz for example, then putting £5 in the stake box will lead to a total bet of £285!