Bet Types

Bet TypesThey say you should always use the right tool for the job, and with betting, this couldn’t be more true.

We live in an age when there are more betting markets and bet types than ever, so we can usually find the bet we want to make, or if not, we can cobble something suitable together using a combination of other bets.

It’s all about creating value for yourself, so knowing the difference between a handicap and an Asian handicap for example, could prove beneficial.

Indeed, there are so many bet types now that some seem so similar as to be identical, but there is always a difference even if it is not always apparent.

Accas and bet builders are a good example of this; they are both bets that bundle a number of selections together, but the markets you can include and the way the overall odds are calculated when each extra selection is added are different.

Many people simply stick with the old favourites, with perhaps a more exotic bet type thrown in every now and again, but by fully understanding what is available to you and knowing when it is best to use each bet type, you can actually improve your chances of getting a return, or improve the return itself.

You wouldn’t use a sledge hammer to tap in a nail would you? Yes it’s a hammer, but it’s not the right sort of hammer for that job. So why would you limit yourself to a few simple bet types when other, more appropriate bets may be available?

The articles below explain how the different types of betting markets work, and when they are most useful to the bettor.