Lucky 15 and 4-Fold bank £75,000 at 12,284/1

William Hill Lucky 15

There are much bigger wins on the list than this one, but it was quite a feat nonetheless, not least because it was made up of a few different bets and utilised a bet boost.

An as yet unnamed William Hill customer spent £15 on a Lucky 15 and £5 on a four fold accumulator, and after what must have been a nerve wracking afternoon by the end, walked away almost exactly £75,000 richer.

The betslip looked like this:

  • Tarhib – 2.10 Nottingham – 13/2
  • Bobalot – 4.55 Chepstow – 6/1
  • Tenjin – 5.20 Kempton – 12/1
  • Nader – 7.30 Kempton – 11/1

Anyone good with numbers might have spotted that the accumulative odds work out as 8,198/1, not the 12,284/1 that was paid out.

This is because of William Hill’s bet boost feature, which ended up securing the winning bettor an extra £20k – so if you have ever wondered about the usefulness of a bet boost, that’s some evidence right there.

How the Bet was Won

First and second place in horse racing

mikle /

The first horse to race was Tarhib, who didn’t exactly have a strong start to the race so our punter might have been thinking his bet was over before it had even began.

However, jockey Jim Crowley got things under control and ended up winning it by two lengths after some great work in the second half of the race.

Bobalot was second on the betslip to race and had a similar run, while selection number 3, Tenjin won by just getting in front of the leader at the last minute and winning by half a length.

Hilariously, Tenjin’s jockey, Neil Callan, was out again later in the day on a different horse, and forgot the race had 2 laps and began celebrating a win after only 1! Luckily for our punter though, he had his head screwed on while riding Tenjin.

The final horse of the bet, Nader, must have calmed the winning punter’s nerves as they settled in to watch their final race, because the horse dominated the race, winning easily by more than 3 lengths.

Lee Phelps, on behalf of William Hill, said:

“Whether it was luck or judgement, you have to take your hat off to one of our customers who won over £75k on four horses on Wednesday from just £20.

“It would have been a nervous time waiting for the final leg, but they shouldn’t have worried as Nader won easily at Kempton, capping off the 12,284/1 bet.”

Whoever the bettor is, he must be having a pretty good week after that one came in.