Own Goals Wins Punter £264k on 13-fold Football Acca at Betfair

These big acca wins always seem to balance on a knife’s edge, don’t they?

This one certainly did.

An unnamed Betfair punter put up £50 and placed a very ballsy 13-fold acca which included games from the Premier League and the Championship.

On his betslip, were:

  • Tottenham to win
  • Middlesbrough to win
  • Everton to win
  • Chelsea to win
  • Fulham to win
  • Cardiff and Watford to draw
  • Blackburn to win
  • Coventry and Norwich to draw
  • Leeds to win
  • Ipswich to win
  • Leicester to win
  • Millwall and Hull to draw
  • Crystal Palace and Nottingham Forest to draw

These selections made the bettor a quarter of a million pounds richer, but it almost fell apart in Coventry.

Betfair spokesperson, Sam Rothbottom, said:

“It’s been a memorable day for one Betfair punter who has taken us to the absolute cleaners with a game changing 13-fold accumulator, winning an incredible £264,000. Hats off to the punter who, not only predicted a number of wins, but also correctly predicted four draws in matches across the Premier League and Championship.”

However, the bet was just a few minutes away from losing when a certain defender scored an absolute howler of an own goal to keep the bet alive.

How the Bet Was Won

Coventry vs Norwich

From Norwich FC

The savvy punter obviously had a lot of confidence in their selections given that they placed a hefty £50 stake on the acca, but they had also predicted a good number of away wins as well as four draws.

The games earlier in the day had all gone the right way without too much drama, including very comfortable wins from Middlesbrough, Chelsea, Everton and Fulham. Tottenham only managed to take 3 points by a single goal to nil, but it was enough for the acca to live on.

The real drama occurred in Coventry, as the Sky Blues played host to Norwich.

The Canaries had gone 1-0 ahead at the end of the first half, and they looked they like would hold onto their lead until the final whistle, despite Coventry pressing hard for a point.

Then, in the 88th minute, a cross came in from the left, which Norwich defender Ben Gibson attempted to head behind for a corner. However, he connected with it perfectly, sending the ball sailing past his own keeper and into the back of the net.

It was a brilliant goal, it’s just a shame he scored it at the wrong end.

Gibson’s misfortune was the saving grace for our punter though, as this levelled the score at 1-1, and the match ended just minutes later, winning the acca and giving the person who placed the bet a very enjoyable weekend no doubt.