£448,236.00 Won as Scoop6 Pays Out 17th January 2015

Scoop6 Win 17th January 2015 £448,236

After just a few short weeks, on the 17th of January 2015 the Scoop6 had already grown to £448,236.00 – almost half a million pounds.

With plenty of people involved in the bet, the day started well as the favourite, Bitofapuzzle, won the 13:50 at Ascot, sending a whopping 77,647 units sailing through to the next leg and igniting the hopes of many no doubt.

History Book took the top spot in race 2 at Lingfield, beating the favourite, but History Book was also the most heavily backed horse of the race in the Scoop6, with more than 25% of the pool backing the successful horse.

With 19,446 units still in the competition at this stage, many were predicting a payout was imminent, but the next race was tricky to call. Despite there only being 8 runners, at least 4 of them had a realistic chance of winning, and as it turned out it was 11/2 contender Baradari that crossed the line first.

There were 2,814 units backing Baradari, so a win was still more than possible, but race 3 took the wind out of the sails of many bettors and turned them into merely spectators for the rest of the day.

However, race 4 provided a huge surprise when the 5/4 favourite Melvin the Grate failed to live up to his name by a long shot. Over 47% of the remaining units were on Melvin the Grate, so when he came in 3rd, and 3/1 priced Lunar Deity took the win, the majority of the remaining betting slips went in the bin.

Just 410 units were left at the start of race 5, but a win from 16/1 shot Samstown decimated that number so that a mere 12 units were left to fight it out for the £448,236.00 pot, and only 8 out of the 12 runners in the final race had been bet on.

Only 1 of them had backed the eventual winner though, which is understandable, since they were priced at 12/1.

That winner was a horse called Rebel Rebellion, who ended up 4 lengths clear at the last for a confident win that earned one lucky punter almost half a million quid.

Nothing is known about the winner, other than they placed the bet online via totepool, and even went on to bag the bonus fund by correctly predicting the winner at Doncaster a week later. That was an extra £145,272, taking their total win to around £600,000.