£762,121.00 Won by a Single Punter on Scoop6

Scoop6 £750k Win

As is so often the case, the winner of this mammoth dividend decided to take the money quietly and without a fuss, so absolutely nothing is known about who won the bet.

However, we do know how they won the bet, and it all started with a 33/1 longshot ruining the dreams of the majority of punters in the very first race of the bet at Haydock.

William Money crossed the line first, ironically, spoiling the chances of most bettors getting their hands on any. Just 1,393 units were left in the bet by race 2.

The pendulum swung the other way for the next 3 races though, with favourites coming in first at all of them.

Despite this, only 215 units made it to race 3 at Kempton, before huge favourite Lady Dutch did the business for a huge 65.5% of the punters sending 147 units into race 4.

Virak was another huge favourite at 5/2, taking around 50% of the units in race from race 4 to race 5, so there were still 74 units in the fight.

Hollow Blue Sky put paid to the majority of them though, as the 11/1 shot claimed first place at Haydock leaving only 7 units remaining for the final leg.

Only 4 of the horses were backed in leg 6, so there was a very real possibility that the prize pot would roll over for a 6th week, but luckily for one punter, they had backed Central Flame, the eventual winner at 7/1.

A full list of the winners and their odds are as follows:

  • William Money – 33/1
  • Southfield Vic – 5/1F
  • Lady Dutch – 15/8F
  • Virak – 5/2F
  • Hollow Blue Sky – 11/1
  • Central Flame – 7/1

This is a list of horses that someone probably has framed in their living room, along with the check for the £762,121.00 they won from betting on them.