Paddy Power Call Ryder Cup Early and Pay Out on Europe

Paddy Power Ryder Cup Early Payout

The Ryder Cup only lasts 3 days, so to qualify as paying out early a bookie has to be pretty quick off the mark, and that is exactly what paddy Power were when they called the competition after the first morning of the competition.

They had good reason to though, to be fair, since Europe absolutely walloped America 4-0 in the first session – the first time they had ever done so on the first morning.

The afternoon didn’t go much better for America, who only managed to halve 3 of their matches, giving them their first points but also creating another first; the first time in Ryder Cup history that America failed to win a match in a whole day.

Saturday’s morning session finished 3 – 1 bringing the total score to 9.5 – 2.5. Although America finally won a match during the session, they also suffered the biggest defeat in an 18 hole match in Ryder Cup history, when Åberg and Hovland defeated Scheffler and Koepka 9 & 7.

America dominated in the afternoon, winning the session 3 – 1, and looked much stronger on Sunday too, but it was not nearly enough to stop Europe taking the cup from them.

Each team won 5 matches each, with the other two halved, so both took 6 further points which left a final score of 16.5 to Europe and 11.5 to America.

One of the American team, Ricky Fowler, didn’t score any points for his team at all, although to be fair, one of the European lads, Nicolai Højgaard, only managed half a point himself.

Paddy Power made the early payout announcement with their trademark sense of humour, even adding in a bit of self deprecation, harking back to the time they paid out early on Hilary Clinton beating Donald Trump to become President of the United states – and we all know what happened there…