Two Winners Bag Dividend Of £326,452.90 Each From Scoop6

When the Scoop6 win fund rolled over for a seventh time in November of 2017, it reached a very attractive £652,905.90 before the next group of races set off.

With 268,421 units in the competition, hopes were high that someone would win it this time around, and statistically it was looking more likely too.

However, a huge shock win from 20/1 outsider, Music Major, in the very first race, wiped out a whopping 98.3% of all tickets.

Of the 4,666 remaining tickets a further 80% were knocked out in race 2, when the heavily backed favourite failed to come through, but punters had more luck in race 3, when join favourite Top Notch came in first place, saving the pool from heavy losses.

This left just 321 units remaining at the halfway point, so another rollover was looking likely.

That number was reduced to a mere 50 after race 4, in which a 6/1 shot named Sam Spinner won the day, but a win by another join favourite, Loveatfirstsight, in the 2:35 at Lingfield managed to save 18 tickets for the final race.

This was the 3:35 at Haydock, and only 8 runners were taking part. What’s more, each horse had at least one unit backing it, so now, the pot was definitely going to be won by someone, it was just a question of who.

Scoop6 £326,452 Dividend Win 25th November 2017

We will never know exactly who had the winning tickets, because they never went public with their win, but there were two of them, each taking home a dividend of £326,452.90.

What’s more, at least one of them went on to win the Bonus Fund the week after, and that was worth just over £500,000 at the time. This means that, at a minimum, the winners walked away with more than £575k each, and if only one of them won the bonus fund it will have been over £825k.

Either way, it was a wonderful fortnight for two very lucky people.