£249,618.28 Scoop6 Dividend Boosted to £401,110 Thanks to ToteSport Promo

Scoop6 £249,618 15th November 2014

It was only 3 weeks since a monster £750k Scoop6 had been won by a single punter, but the win pot had already got back just just under a quarter of a million, sitting at £249,618.28.

This was the Scoop6 competition of 15th November 2014, which included races at Cheltenham, Lingfield, and Wetherby, and the winning punter would be saved a favourite at the end after a very difficult run of results.

The winning horses were:

  • Sam Winner – 15/2
  • Intransigent – 9/4F
  • Caid Du Berlais – 10/1
  • Battalion – 4/1
  • Katkeau – 9/2
  • Forced Family Fun – 5/2F 

After race 1, only 13,926 tickets were left standing once Sam Winner lived up to his name and romped home, but punters had more luck in race 2 when the favourite, Intransigent, finished first.

This saved over 50% of the remaining units and carried 7,094 punters into race 3.

Sadly, the punters’ luck did not hold, and a 10/1 long shot called Caid Du Berlais won the 3rd race, demolishing the remaining bettors by 95.44%.

With a mere 324 units left in the 4th race, a little luck was needed, and a win by 2nd favourite Battalion at 4/1 provided just enough to see 69 units go forward to race 5. The final two races had fields of 12 and 9 respectively, so it was certainly possible that the pot would be won today.

However, a horse called Vivaldi Collonges had been very heavily backed in race 5, despite not being the favourite, so when Katkeau won the race with only 4 backers, the competition was all but over for another week.

Forced Family Fun was the favourite, but only one of the 4 remaining punters had put their faith in the horse. This meant that when it lived up to the hype and won, the £249,618.28 dividend was paid out to a single remaining punter – and their win was about to get a whole lot better.

They got to play for the £51,492 Bonus Fund the following week which they also won, but even better than that, because they placed their bet directly with Totesport, they got an extra £100k due a promotion Totesport was running at the time!

That £2.00 stake had therefore turned into a £401,110 monster payday for the lucky punter.