Another $800k Winning NFL Bet For Mayweather Who Banks $1,561,904

Floyd Mayweather $800000 Bet ArizonaJust a week or so after his Broncos win, Mayweather was back on social media showing his followers another big betting win, this time after the Arizona Cardinals took down the Oakland Raiders.

He had placed an $800,000 wager that Arizona would cover the spread of 3.5 and beat Oakland, taking odds of -105, which is a shade under evens, so 18/19 or 1.95 in decimal.

That would amount to a total payout of $1,561,904.

The spread may have been small, but it takes very deep pockets to have $800,000 worth of faith in that result.

In the end though, it was a fairly easy win for Mayweather.

The Cardinals went ahead in the first and even though the Raiders were able to fight back in a point heavy second quarter, it finished 14-10 in Arizona’s favour, so the 3.5 spread was covered.

Things did get a little more worrying mid-way through the third, when Oakland closed the gap to a single point, but with 2 minutes left of the quarter the Cardinals landed another touchdown.

After a fairly quiet final quarter, in which Arizona grabbed a further 3 points, the game ended 24-13, the spread was easily covered, and Floyd Mayweather Jnr had more or less doubled his money.

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