Floyd Mayweather Stakes $1.1 Million On Oregon Wins $1 Million

Floyd Mayweather Jnr £1100000 Bet on OregonWith a nickname like ‘Money’, you know exactly what Floyd Mayweather is all about.

Forever posing on social media with wads of bank notes and dripping in gold jewellery, he might be a bit of a plonker but he’s certainly not afraid to put his money where his mouth is.

Back in 2012, Mayweather Jnr wagered $1.1 million at odds of -110, that the Oregon Ducks would cover the 7.5 point spread playing the Arizona State Sun Devils in a college football game.

To us Brits, those -110 odds work out as 10/11 or around 1.9 in decimal.

It wasn’t a particularly ballsy move in terms of of the bet – Oregon were the favourite by 7.5 points – but risking over a million dollars is no joke even for a very wealthy man.

It paid off though, with Oregon sailing to an easy 43-21 win over Arizona, netting Mayweather Jnr an even million in winnings.

The Ducks actually started from behind when Arizona scored a touchdown, but they soon came back, keeping the Sun Devils at 7 points until the 4th quarter, when they managed to claw back some dignity but never realistically stood a chance of turning things around.

As he often did at the time, Mayweather Jnr posted a picture of his betslip on his Instagram account, then tweeted a link to it, more than happy to brag about his win.

He placed the whole stake with M Resort’s sportsbook, which was run by Cantor Gaming at the time.

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