Dave Portnoy $600,000 Huskies NCAA Bet Wins $2.76 Million

Being the creator of Barstool Sports, it’s safe to say that Dave Portnoy knows a thing or two about sports in America. Even for the most knowledgeable spots fan though, a $600,000 wager is sweat inducing business.

Nevertheless, when March Madness came around in 2024, Portnoy placed his mega bet on the University of Connecticut Huskies, backing them to win the NCAA basketball tournament.

He stood to win a cool $2.76 million if the bet came off, and it would be DraftKings paying the tab, since it was with them that the bet was placed.

Barstool and DraftKings had a sports betting partnership deal in place too, and this could only have been good publicity for both parties.

The bet was placed on March 20th, just before the regional rounds got underway, so even though Connecticut were the defending champions having won it in 2023, Portnoy still managed to get odds of +350, which equates to 18/5 in fractional terms, or 4.6 in decimal.

In a video he posted shortly after the final game had begun, Portnoy had said:

“I haven’t even considered that I could lose this bet. I know it’s crazy, that’s how confident I am,”

So he was clearly confident, later saying that Connecticut would have won “100 out of 100” times.

He was right to be as it turned out, because the Huskies beat their opponents, the Purdue Boilermakers, 75/60.

How the Bet was Won

Huskies vs Purdue

In the first round of the regionals, the Huskies destroyed the Florida based Stetson Hatters 91 – 52, which was also the highest score by a single team in any game in any round of the East Regionals.

Next they took down the Northwestern Wildcats of Illinois in round two, with a score of 75 – 58.

The San Diego State Aztecs were easily dealt with in round 3 with a score of 82 – 52, before UConn faced the Illinois Fighting Illinis in their regional final.

They claimed another convincing victory of 77 – 52, for a relatively easy journey into the final 4.

The Huskies had a tougher fight on their hands against Alabama Crimson Tide in the semi finals, but nevertheless dispatched them 86 – 72, and it was onto their second final in a row.

The Purdue Boilermakers were their opponents for this final game, but again, the Huskies took the match in their stride, winning both halves and walking away with a 75 – 60 win.

They never really looked in danger of losing, and Dave Portnoy’s faith in them was proved to be justly earned.


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