Rosebowl Victory for Michigan Wins $1 Million Bet for Portnoy

Michigan vs Alabama Rose Bowl 2024

As new years days go, Dave Portnoy had a pretty darn good one in 2024.

He had bet on Michigan, his alma mata, to win the Rose Bowl against Alabama, and after a very close call, they came back in spectacular fashion to win the Barstool Sports founder $1,000,000.

Like I said, Portnoy had a pretty good start to the year, and if you read this post next you will see that it only got better for him.

Back to this bet then, and Dave had announced his intention to wager £1 million on the result at the beginning of December 2023, so roughly a month before the game took place.

He never mentioned where the bet was placed or the odds that he took, but having announced that he intended to bet $1 million, and then announcing that he had won $1 million, we can assume the odds were somewhere close to evens.

In truth, they were likely a little shorter, as Michigan were 2 point favourites with many bookies offering 4/5 (or 1.8) as a starting price, but with Dave Portnoy being a high stakes punter, as well as placing the bet a few weeks ahead, he may well have got a slightly better deal.

Whatever the specifics were, he won an awful lot of money when the Michigan Wolverines managed to finally dispatch Alabama Crimson Tide in overtime.

The game had been pretty tight throughout, finishing 7-7 in the first, 6-3 Michigan in the second, 0-0 in the third, then 10-7 Alabama in the fourth for an overall score of 20-20. Although Michigan almost lost it in the last 30 seconds of the fourth when a fumble led to a sticky moment 1 yard out.

Then, in overtime, a 17 yard touchdown came from pure brute force and determination in the first down to give Michigan a 7 point lead that Alabama just couldn’t do anything about.

The Wolverines defended well until the game ended, and they were headed to the National Championship – their first since 1997.

Portnoy was there watching with his Mum and some friends, and recorded a live video which he put online. You can watch it above, but be warned, his language is pretty fruity!

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