Finally a Win for Drake as Kansas Chiefs Net Him $2.1 Million

Drake Wins Kansas City BetPerhaps he learned his lesson from his failed bet on the World Cup, but Drake has won himself a pretty penny after betting on the Kansas City Chiefs to claim victory over the Cincinnati Bengals (including extra time) and gain entry into the Superbowl.

It’s a good job too, because he had already lost $850,000 earlier in the day when the San Francisco 49ers were absolutely hammered by the Philadelphia Eagles.

What’s more, a good 76% of the money for this fixture was on the Bengals, so Drake was betting against the tide.

Nevertheless, after a game that saw the Chiefs take a lead only to be consistently caught up by the Bengals, they did eventually sneak the win, and Drake was laughing all the way to the bank with a payout of $2,112,423.80.

It was about as dramatic and ending as a game can get too.

How the Bet Was Won

Kansas vs Cincinatti

The Kansas City Chiefs took the lead midway through the first quarter with a field goal and Drake’s bet was up and running.

To be honest, his team never lost their lead but they did allow the Cincinatti Bengals to draw even a few times.

Heading into the 2nd quarter with a 0-3 lead – which could have been worse truth be told – the Chiefs soon had another 3 points under their belt with a second field goal, making the scoreline 0-6.

The Tigers found a field goal of their own later in the 2nd but it was soon overshadowed by a superb touchdown for the Chiefs, with Kelce and Mahomes forming a great partnership that had been threatening all game.

Still a long way to go, but Drake must have been feeling pretty confident at this point, since the scoreline was definitely reflecting the display on the field.

The 2nd also features a fabulous interception from Kansas City’s rookie cornerback Jaylen Watson, plus a consolation field goal for the Tigers ending the quarter 6-13.

A shock touchdown not long into the 3rd from Tee Higgins out wide brought the score level at 13-13, and Cincinatti were back in the game with plenty of time left on the clock.

The Chiefs have an answer for them 5 minutes later with a touchdown of their own, again from the arm of Mahomes but this time caught by Valdez-Scantling as he falls backwards into the End Zone to bring the scoreline to 13-20.

The quarter ends with a dramatic fumble from Mahomes who is otherwise having a blinder,

Another touchdown for Cincinatti makes it even once again after a very impressive move from Ja’Marr Chase gains them 35 yards, and as the clock ticked down neither team seemed able to break through.

Then, 4 seconds from the end of the 4th – and with Drake probably sweating rivers – a personal foul results in the ball moving 15 yards for a 45 yard kick to get the Chiefs to the Superbowl, and to get Drake off the hook.

Butker steps up and wellies it straight between the posts, winning the day, and Drake’s bet.

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