Kansas City Chiefs Win Big for Drake: Nets $1,477,000

Drake Bet on Kansas SuperbowlThe Kansas City Chiefs must have been hugely relieved after winning the 2023 Super Bowl, because not only did they achieve a great sporting feat, but they defied the curse of Drake.

We are of course referring to the fact that, so many times over the years, when Drake has bet on or interacted with a team or sportsperson who was expected to win something, they have gone on to lose.

As he often does, Drake publicised his bets before the game took place, even sharing a screenshot of the betting slip, and saying:

“My psychotic bets for Sunday are in @stake. Please do not analyse the logic behind these bets, there is none.”

Not an approach that we or anyone else with a sensible head on their shoulders would recommend, but with Drake being worth an estimated £216 million he probably doesn’t have the same concerns as the rest of us.

You might notice he used the plural there, and that’s because he made not 1, but 7 different bets on the game.

Perhaps this is why the curse didn’t fully take hold?

Amazingly, despite 6 of his 7 bets failing to come in, the Canadian rapper still ended up in the black thanks to his biggest bet being the successful one.

Drake Loses Six of Seven Bets on the Superbowl

Kansas City Chiefs Superbowl Winners

So yes, his biggest bet of $700,000 on the Kansas City Chiefs to win was an accurate prediction, but what about his other bets that day?

These were Drake’s other selections:

  • Patrick Mahomes to score the first Chiefs touchdown – $50,000
  • Juju Smith-Schuster to score the first Chiefs touchdown – $50,000
  • Kansas City Chiefs to win both halves – $50,000
  • Kansas City Chiefs to win each quarter – $30,000
  • Travis Kelce to be named Super Bowl Most Valuable Player – $25,000
  • Most Valuable Player award to go to a *tight end – $60,000

*a ‘tight end’ is a player position in American football.

So in total Drake wagered $965,000 on Super Bowl bets, and even though none of these smaller prop bets came in, when the Chiefs did end up winning the game he was paid out $1,477,000; a tidy days work leaving him $512k better off.

The guy made 7 bets on a whim, lost 86% of them, and still walked away with around ten times the average US salary.

He must have been getting a bit worried though since the Chiefs were 24-14 down at half-time and then 27-21 down heading into the final quarter, before Patrick Mahomes did the business in a thrilling final, and the game ended up 38-35.

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