Adam Phillips Boosts £427,434 Scoop6 Win to £610,620

Andrew Phillips Scoop6 Win £610,620

A Scoop6 win of £427,434 would be very nice, thank you very much, but it’s not going to make headlines. It would get lost in all of the other wins of a similar amount.

You have to remember though, that winning the Scoop6 also bags you the chance to win the bonus pot, and that is exactly what Andrew Phillips did back in July of 2007.

He netted an additional £183,186 the week after his big win, bringing his total to a much more newsworthy £610,620, especially back in 2007, when that amount would have the value of around £1 million in todays money.

Speaking after Iron Man won him the extra £183k, Phillips said:

“This is the stuff of fairytales. I was happy with my choice of horse and was confident he would run well, but we were all holding our breath until he jumped last.”

“The last win hasn’t quite sunk in yet, so this really is the icing on the cake for us.”

Mr Phillips was 40 years old at the time of his win, and planned to move his family out to Spain to start a new life in the sun.

He placed his bet at his local William Hill in Littlehampton, West Sussex, and the staff at the shop in question will also share a £5,000 bonus.

It was William Hill’s first ever Scoop6 win, and their spokesperson, Jennie Prest said:

“The odds of him picking the six winners were 73,000 to 1. The odds on the Iron Man were 5-1.”

“His knowledge of horses definitely helped him win the bonus race today. He made his selection very early. He was confident. It worked out well for him.”

She then went on to wish the family luck in the future.

Iron Man a True Superhero

Scoop6 Bonus FundThe races that week were run at York, Ascot, and Chester, and were over and done with by 4pm, so it must have been a riveting couple of hours for Andrew Phillips.

The horses that Andrew backed to win his Scoop6 bet were as follows:

  • Vicious Warrior – 10/1
  • Song of Passion – 13/2
  • Prospect Court (F) – 15/8
  • Cesare – 11/4
  • Charlie Tokyo – 11/1
  • Countdown – 6/1

Only one favourite in there but a couple of short priced horses, and only one or two at longer odds.

Nevertheless, Phillips was the only punter who correctly predicted all six winners, so he took the whole pot as a single dividend.

His selection for the bonus pot race a week later was a horse named Iron Man, priced at 5/1, and Phillips was so confident that the horse would run well that he stayed “very cool” during the race according to those who were with him.

Iron Man won of course, becoming a real life superhero for Andrew who was now almost £200k richer.